Halcon 11 버전 6월 1일 출시 예정
  2012-04-04 19:35 11667

2012년 6월 1일 부터 HALCON 11.0 의 SHOW TIME은 시작됩니다.

또한 전세계적으로 HALCON 11.0 의 WORLD TOUR 역시 시작됩니다.

한국의 대리점인 테크닉스 역시 HALCON 11.0의 6월~7월 사이에 세미나를 개최할 예정입니다.

정확한 날짜 및 장소가 정해지면 즉시 공지를 올릴 예정이니 많은 참석 부탁드립니다. ^^

HALCON 11.0에 대한 자세한 내용은 아래 링크를 클릭 부탁드립니다.


그리고 HALCON 11.0을 사용해야 하는 이유 11가지는 아래와 같습니다..^^

11 Reasons for HALCON 11

  • Sample-based identification

    With HALCON 11, genuine object identification becomes reality. Sample-based identification is capable to differentiate a large number of objects. This technology can recognize trained objects only based on characteristic features like color or texture, thereby eliminating the need to use special imprints like bar codes or data codes for object identification purposes. This even works with warped objects or varying perspective views of the object. An additional option is to learn an object from any side by using samples showing all relevant views. No other software provides a similar technology. HALCON 11 lets you enter new identification markets.
  • 3D surface comparison

    The new 3D surface comparison between expected and measured shape of a 3D object surface is a unique technology of HALCON 11. The surface can be reconstructed by any 3D technology available in HALCON like multi-view stereo, sheet of light, or by ready-to-run 3D hardware scanners which are also directly supported by HALCON. HALCON's 3D surface comparison evaluates the resulting point cloud with the trained object model. HALCON 11 controls the quality of an object's shape and thus lets you enter new markets.
  • 3D object processing

    HALCON's comprehensive 3D vision features were enhanced and improved by registration and triangulation of point clouds, feature calculation like shape and volume calculation, segmentation of point clouds by cutting planes, and many more. HALCON 11 lets you detect and process 3D objects with great 3D vision features.
  • Improved photometric stereo, in particular useful for surface inspection

    In HALCON 11, photometric stereo is improved for special use in surface inspection. Conventional surface inspection is enhanced for 3D surface inspection. With HALCON 11, scratches, cracks or dents in surfaces are quickly and easily found by taking shadows into consideration.
  • Reading of Aztec Codes

    HALCON provides a robust and reliable data code reader for many well-established 2D codes. The Aztec code is typically used in ticketing applications. HALCON 11 employs the reliable and robust HALCON data code reader now also for Aztec codes and lets you enter related markets.
  • Reading of Micro QR Codes

    The Micro-QR code is mainly used for identification of small objects if the normal QR code is too large. HALCON 11 employs the reliable and robust HALCON data code reader now also for Micro-QR codes and lets you enter related markets.
  • Automatic feature selection for classification

    HALCON's new automatic feature selection for classification is really important for object/defect classification. Normally, the programmer must select the features. The automatic feature selection now makes a proposal to optimize a bundle of features. HALCON 11 accelerates the application coding for object/defect classification.
  • Fast algorithms and extended GPU support

    HALCON's automatic operator parallelization (AOP) is a unique feature. Furthermore, HALCON 11 supports machine vision algorithms using GPU processing with more than 75 operators, more than any other standard software package provides. Moreover, depth from focus, Fast Fourier Transformation, and HALCON's local deformable matching are significantly accelerated. HALCON 11 lets you feel fast machine vision.
  • Profiler tool in IDE

    HDevelop is HALCON's integrated development environment (IDE). The new profiler tool automatically analyzes the programmer's code and thus significantly accelerates the programming with HDevelop. HALCON 11 provides the programmer with a tool to self-proof his own work.
  • New revised HALCON/C++ Interface

    HALCON 11 alternatively provides a new revised HALCON/C++ interface that will substitute the already existing HALCON/C++ interface in the future. This interface eases the programming with C++ significantly. HALCON 11 improves code writing to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Support of Mac OS X

    In addition to the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Linux, HALCON 11 now also runs on the operating system Mac OS X. HALCON 11 has entered the Apple world to reach another worldwide established user community.

  • … and many more

 * 지금 HALCON 10.0을 구매하셔도 HALCON 11.0으로 개발자는 무상으로 업그레이드 가능합니다. 11.0을 위해서 구매를
    늦추실 필요는 없습니다..^^ *
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